Kal Tire FC vs Mind Smart United

Kal Tire FC vs Mind Smart United: 7 - 2

Date: June 10, 2019 Venue: MacDonald Park 2, 7:00pm
Home: Kal Tire FC Away: Mind Smart United
Goals Kal Tire FC:
» Chad Bennett: 2
» Ian Bos: 1
» Duane Dennis: 1
» Jeff Nice: 1
» Mark Wasylyk: 1
» Bob Zalcik: 1
Goals Mind Smart United:
» Wade MacPherson: 1
» Tony Spadafora: 1
Cards Kal Tire FC:
Duane Dennis (UB)
Cards Mind Smart United:
Daren Lowe (D.H.B.)
Game Report by Kal Tire FC: Game Report by Mind Smart United:
Kal Tire won 7-2 over Mind Smart. The scoreline was a bit harsh on the visitors, who had their share of chances. Mind Smart took an early lead after a sharp counter-attack. Mark Wasylyk, returning from injury, tied the game from close range and game-MVP Jeff Nice gave Kal Tire the lead just before half time. Kal Tire upped the pressure in the second half and got rewarded with goals by Ian Bos, Bobby Zalcik, Duanne Dennis and Chad Bennet (2).
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