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Home Away Score Report Details
Brown Benefits Brandt's Creek 4 - 1
Tree Brewing Penticton 3 - 0
Turn-Key Controls Mission Cleaners 2 - 1
Mind Smart United Bosman 3 - 2

Game Report by Brown Benefits:

Brown Benefits weathered the heat and a stubborn Brandt's Creek squad to win 4-1 at Parkinson. Steven Heiss opened the scoring with a looping header that went over the keeper and under the bar. Heiss then set up Tony Gonzales in the box and he deked past the defender to score into the top corner. Brandt's defender Drew Denis marshalled his colleagues and held the Browns at bay until the second half. Jim Kruiper, playing his first game since being injured in the opening week of the season, deflected a corner into the bottom corner. As the Browns pressed for a fourth, they were caught short at the back and Jason Bell... Read Full Report

Game Report by Brandt's Creek:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Tree Brewing:

On a hot night at city park both teams were feeling the heat. Tree brewing came out playing a more defensive game and waited for their chance to counter attack. Vinnie Delgado opened the scoring on a 30 yard free kick into the top corner which gave Tree the 1-0 lead. Dave short made it 2-0 and then Joseph Kimpian finished it off to seal the win for Tree 3-0. David Gadd was steady in the net and made some key saves at the right time.

Game Report by Penticton:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Turn-Key Controls:

Turnkey 2 - Mission Cleaners -1

Turnkey goal scorers John Orton, Geoff Straight

Turnkey keeper Mike Moorlag

Game Report by Mission Cleaners:

No report submitted.

Game Report by Mind Smart United:

On a very hot night in Kelowna, MindSmart and Bosman had a close game with lots of back and forth action, some nice goals, great goaltending and solid sportsmanship. The Smart opened the scoring in the first half when Roger Wheeler scored his first of the season when he got his boot on the ball after a beautiful cross from Clay McLeod. The first half ended with no other goals. Bosman came out in a fury at the start of the second half with two quick goals, both from Mike Daly. The Smart were able to get the momentum back with another goal by Roger Wheeler; a nice header from a corner kick. Wheeler also... Read Full Report

Game Report by Bosman:

No report submitted.

Schedule July 23, 2018

Home Away Details Docs
Penticton Mission Cleaners Kick-off: 7:00
Kings Park
Turn-Key Controls Brandt's Creek Kick-off: 7:00
Marshall Sports Fields 1
Tree Brewing Brown Benefits Kick-off: 7:00
Rutland Sports Fields 1
Mabui Real JVL Kick-off: 7:00
Mission Sports Fields 1
Mind Smart United R&B Rented Mules Kick-off: 7:00
Mission Sports Fields 10

Standings 2018

Turn-Key Controls 11 10 0 1 47 5 31
Brown Benefits 12 9 0 3 42 10 30
Mission Cleaners 12 8 3 1 32 15 25
Penticton 11 7 3 1 34 20 22
Tree Brewing 11 6 4 1 22 21 19
Soccer United 11 6 4 1 29 29 19
Mind Smart United 12 6 5 1 27 30 19
Brandt's Creek 11 3 8 0 19 29 9
Mabui 11 2 8 1 19 29 7
Real JVL 11 1 7 3 12 35 6
Bosman 10 1 8 1 11 34 4
R&B Rented Mules 11 1 10 0 13 50 3

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Goal Scorers Table

Player Team Goals
Andrew Hughes Soccer United 11
John Orton Turn-Key Controls 10
Rene Trozzo Mission Cleaners 9
Wade Macpherson Mind Smart United 8
Duane Dennis Turn-Key Controls 8
Bryan Schenker Turn-Key Controls 8


  • Slide tackling is not permitted and will be punished by a yellow card (if no contact is made with the player) and a red card (if contact is made).
  • In the event of a conflict, the home team must switch to their alternate jerseys.
  • Home teams must send game sheets to Tim Penaluna at [email protected] within 24 hours of the game.  Teams who fail to comply will be fined $25.
  • All managers must submit game reports for the newspapers to Kevin Mitchell at [email protected] within 24 hours of the game.
  • Players must be signed by August 1 and have played three games in the league in order to be eligible to play in the playoffs.
  • All players are required to produce a Driver's Licence or photo I.D. upon request.
  • Our league does not condone the consumption of alcohol at the field either before, during or after games and would like to remind all players that it is expressly forbidden by local by law.

Fair Play Chart

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